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Metal Coffee services are available for any band around the world, doesn’t matter where you are, we help you to spread your music, be it a single, an album or a music video or even your tour!

We’ll provide you access to a private network of record label executives, bands, press agencies, managers and so on, and our service costs you only a dollar a day!

We have a wealth reach through radios and podcasts, which helped 11 bands to get a record deal, in 2018 alone.

Remember, you just need to have a song and a facebook page and we do the rest for you!

Come, join us!

Accessible Pricing

Our price rage can fit your budget. We offer you plans for less than 1 dollar a day!

Great Network

Get to know and spread your music to thousands of people within the industry

FM Radios and Podcasts

Yes, we get FM and College radios along the internet and podcasts!

Wes is fabulous He will promote, promote, work and promote tirelessly. It's a fabulous price for the support that you will get! \m/
Richard Tilley
Ever Metal Mag
As been with Metal Coffee PR for two months now and things are moving fast. Worldwide radio play, interviews, reviews and there’s a lot more coming!
Nicholas Roy - DOAN
Nicholas Roy
Couldnt be happier, even with the crappy exchange rate for US dollars, So happy in fact that we have been with Moose for 4 months and just signed on for another 3.
Wayne Rich
Dirty Rats

What do
I get, exactly?

Working with Metal Coffee PR, you will have the opportunity to showcases your music, video, EPK, etc to over 2000 of our good friends who are professionals in the music industry, working on Record Labels, FM, College and Internet Radios, Newspapers, Magazines, Podcast, Blogs, Booking Agents and Artist Management companies.

As a member of Metal Coffee PR you will also included in our PRIVATE group with over 300 music biz insiders as well as all of the other bands on Metal Coffee PR, making it possible for you to network directly with them.

You are guaranteed all press coverage including an interview in the Metal Coffee’s Blog, The Grinder, which is closing in on 50,000 views in 3 months.

You will also have access to special offers on booking, festival submissions, lyric videos, merch production  and much more!

It takes just few minutes to get started, pick up your option below, fill up your email on the description field during checkout and let’s work together!


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One Year access

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To increase security Metal Coffee PR does not handle credit card operations. You can pay for our services straight through Paypal, by clicking on the link.